Routine Dental Check-Ups Can Prevent Future Dental Treatment


Keep Your Mouth Healthy with Regular Dental Checkups

Are you behind on dental care, and aren’t sure how to get your oral health back on track? We invite you to visit us at Kreativ Dental. Our patients know that we take the time to listen to their concerns, and provide straight forward care that quickly addresses their needs, without any surprises.

Why are Dental Checkups important?

Routine dental exams help detect areas that could possibly lead to severe problems later on. For the most part, regular check-ups help maintain a healthy smile by focusing on prevention. You can take control of your dental health by having routine dental check-ups with Dr. Vinayak Chowdhry and Associates. By having your check-ups performed on a routine basis, you can prevent problems like advanced gum disease, untreated cavities, or broken fillings. Dr. Vinayak Chowdhry examines the health of each one of your teeth, as well as your other oral tissues, to ensure there are no existing or early forms of disease that can quickly progress into severe problems later on. Not only does this minimise your treatment needs, but it also helps reduce your investment in dental treatment, by cleaning your teeth and correcting problems when they are smaller while the treatments are less invasive.

How Often Should You Get a Dental Check-Up?

We recommend that all patients see a dentist at least twice a year for routine check-ups. This is the ideal frequency for removing tartar deposits from the teeth, conducting screenings, and intercepting any developing cavities since the last visit. If it’s been longer than 6 months since your last appointment, we invite you to visit our Albury clinic so that Dr. Vinayak Chowdhry and his team of dental professionals can help you once again gain control over your oral health.


Clinical examination
Preventive teeth cleanings
Oral cancer screenings
Necessary dental X-rays
Preventive procedures as needed
(such as fluoride or sealants)

What Happens at a Check Up?

Going back to the dentist for the first time can be a little unnerving. That’s why we strive to make our patients feel as comfortable as possible, and listen to your individual needs throughout the entire visit. From working around your busy schedule to discussing treatment options with you, Dr. Vinayak Chowdhry is focused on individual, personalised care that exceeds your expectations.

As a new patient at Kreativ Dental, you’ll receive a comprehensive examination that not only addresses the needs of your teeth, but also assesses the relationship of your bite, the anatomical health of your head and cheek, and screens for oral cancer. Our high-resolution digital radiography equipment allows Dr. Vinayak Chowdhry to check for any pre-existing conditions while keeping your exposure to radiation extremely low. If you have any concerns or treatment needs, Dr. Vinayak Chowdhry will review each of these with you personally. We believe in attentive, considerate care that prioritises the individual patient’s needs, not budgetary goals. You’ll have the option to select from various types of treatment and we will make sure that you understand the pros and cons of each one, allowing you to make the final call in the type of treatment that you receive.

Don’t Put Off Your Routine Exams IT Can Prevent Dental Disease Progression.

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