Penthrox sedation is an inhaled form of pain relief, which allows for an immediate relief from
the symptoms of pain and anxiety during dental treatment.

What is Penthrox? Penthrox is a combination pharmaceutical agent, which can provide pain relief while at the same time making you feel relaxed and comfortable during your entire procedure.

Penthrox sedation not only allows the use of more intensive dental methods for efficient and fundamental oral health, but also allows those people who feel that they need a variety of treatments carried out, both health and cosmetic related, to do so in comfort and confidence.

Through the sedation methods at Kreativ Dental, we are able to fully equip you with the necessary treatment and procedures needed to achieve your ultimate oral health and step out of the surgery with renewed pride and vitality from your smile.

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You are not alone and here at Kreativ Dental we focus on exceeding your expectations when it comes to Gentle Dental Care.

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