Tooth Wear

Treatment for Physical Wear (Tooth Wear)

tooth wear treatment albury

Tooth Wear Treatment Albury

Tooth wear is the progressive loss of the tooth surface as a result of decay or trauma.

Tooth wear gradually worsens with age, so it is important to be proactive now to set the stage for dental health across posterity.

Types of Tooth Wear

Tooth wear can be caused by one or more of these processes:

Abrasion is caused by the interaction of teeth and other materials rubbing or scraping against them. The most common cause of abrasion is brushing too hard or applying too much force. This can affect the root surfaces of the teeth just below the gumline or the enamel above the gumline.

Attrition is the form of tooth wear that typically occurs by clenching and grinding. The extent of attrition hinges on the pressure applied during teeth grinding or clenching.

Erosion often results from high levels of intrinsic or extrinsic acid in the mouth. Alterations in the saliva flow also contribute to erosion.

Abfraction is a wedge-shaped flaw that impacts the cervical portion of the teeth. Once abfraction occurs, the damaged portion can become more significant with abrasion, erosion and/or attrition.

treatment for tooth wear albury

Treatment for Tooth Wear

To treat worn teeth, we need to figure out the cause of the wear. We can achieve this with an oral examination here at our Albury dental office.

Once we find out the cause, we can help you reduce the stresses on your teeth if need be.

Depending on the amount of tooth structure lost, we may need to replace it, so your bite functions well, and your teeth look great once again.

Your Albury dentist can successfully — and beautifully — restore the normal shape, look and function of worn teeth.

Tooth Wear Treatment in Albury

Worn teeth may need to be fixed for your teeth and bite to function properly and to look great again.

Depending on the case, this can be done with dental veneers or crowns.

Modern dentistry at Kreativ Dental Albury can restore the normal shape, appearance and function of worn teeth — beautifully and successfully!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is tooth wear?
Tooth wear is the progressive loss of tooth surface due to actions other than those which cause tooth decay or trauma.
What are the symptoms of tooth wear?
One symptom of tooth wear is tooth surface loss, leading to a smooth, shiny appearance. This can make exposed tooth roots sensitive to extremely hot, cold or sweet foods and beverages.
Are sports drinks safe?

Many sports drinks contain ingredients that cause tooth wear and decay. However, it is important to prevent dehydration while playing because this can lead to a dry mouth and bad breath.