How to Overcome Dental Fear — Tips from Kreativ Dental Albury

by | Sep 9, 2021 | Dental Fear

Studies show that 10% of the adult population suffers from dental fear, and so it is considered one of the most common concerns of people.

A person is usually anxious to visit their dentist for many different reasons, including bad experiences with the dentist or dental service in the pastfear of pain, and the cost of treatments.

Some patients would try their ways of reducing anxiety before or during the appointment.

However, your dentist, who’s an expert in minimising nervousness, is still the best solution for those who deal with dental fear.

With the improvements in modern dentistry, diagnosis and treatment have become more sophisticated and convenient than ever.

The Difference between Dental Fear and Phobia

Dental fear or anxiety and phobia are two terms often used interchangeably, defining the extent of symptoms and reactions of dentistry in general.

Dental Fear
Dental fear or anxiety refers to the sense of nervousness linked to the unknown.

If you have dental anxiety, look for a dentist who is sensitive to your needs and will communicate with you to create a relaxing atmosphere. This way, you will be able to face your anxiety and improve your impressions about dental appointments.

Signs and Symptoms of Dental Anxiety

People with dental anxiety may experience:

  • sweating
  • racing heartbeat or palpitations
  • low blood pressure and possible fainting
  • visible distress, crying or signs of panic
  • withdrawal, or using humour or aggression to mask anxiety

Some anxious patients will routinely skip dental appointments and may find it difficult to undergo dental treatments, whether simple or complex.

Dental Phobia

Compared to anxiety or fear, dental phobia is more intense and is an irrational reaction towards dental practices.

People suffering from a dental phobia may react easily to the sound of a drill, the probability of pain or other aspects of dentistry.

Conquering dental phobia is more complicated than overcoming anxieties and may call for professional help.

Tips for Overcoming Dental Fear Effectively

Whether you’re ready to face your fear or you’re getting ready to gradually see the dentist, the following tips can help you stay relaxed during your appointment:

  • See your dentist at a less busy time of day, such as the morning hours. There will be fewer people and fewer tools making noises that could trigger your anxiety.
  • Bring noise-cancelling headphones or earbuds with music to help you relax.
  • Ask a friend or a loved one to come with you during your appointment.
  • Practise deep breathing and other meditation techniques to calm your nerves.

Above all else, know that it’s alright if you need a break at any point during your dental visit. It is also helpful to establish a “signal” with your dentist in advance so they know when to stop.

You can either continue with your visit when you’re ready or return another day when you feel better.

Beat your Dental Fear with your Trusted Albury Dentist

If you’re preparing for your dental appointment, think positive thoughts and nothing else. Think about how wonderful it is to have beautiful, healthy teeth afterwards.

When it comes to dental fear, your friendly dentist in Albury can help you deal with your concerns by giving the most suitable solution you ever need.

Your dental care partners here at Kreativ Dental Albury aim to offer you a comfortable and pain-free dental experience whenever you visit us.

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