How Your Albury Dentist Can Help You Sleep Better

by | Jul 12, 2022 | Sleep Apnoea

how your albury dentist can help you sleep better

Are you falling asleep at the office? Having difficulties focusing? Do you frequently wake up with a throbbing headache? Do you often feel drowsy or nod off while doing something you shouldn’t, like driving?

Let your Albury dentist know!

Dentists are more interested in your overall health than simply your teeth. We are here to support your general health and wellbeing as well!

Your Dentist Can Help

Learn how a dentist might be able to help you obtain a better night’s sleep.

Sleep Apnoea

Unfortunately, some people—particularly those with sleep apnoea– count on getting a decent night’s sleep every night.

Due to the lack of saliva flow, those who snore or sleep with their mouths open are more vulnerable to opportunistic germs.

A dry mouth gives dangerous bacteria an excuse to break down any sugars from meal scraps. Plaque and cavities then start to grow on your teeth as a result.

Saliva is vital to clean the oral cavity by rinsing your tongue, gums, and cheeks of dead cells and coating and moisturising the oral tissues of your tooth.

Saliva acts as a buffer and kills dangerous bacteria and other microorganisms that might cause tooth decay and gum disease, protecting your teeth and gums.

Patients with moderate to severe sleep apnoea require a CPAP machine to receive safe, quality sleep.

Some people, however, have a milder form of this illness that can be easily addressed with an oral device designed by your dentist.

If sleep apnoea or another problem has been identified, your dentist may provide therapies or refer you to a specialist.

Any of the following treatments are possible, depending on the origin of your OSA, your symptoms, and their severity:

  • lifestyle adjustments such as stopping smoking, drinking less alcohol, and aiming to lose weight
  • attempting to live a less stressed and nervous existence, which may necessitate counselling
  • establishing a regular sleep routine
  • change your sleeping posture to improve airflow
  • use an oral device, such as a mouthguard, to keep your airways open while sleeping

You must see your Albury dentist immediately if you have sleep apnoea to find out how to maintain your mouth healthy and avoid tooth decay.


Bruxism and sleep disorders have a complicated relationship, although they can impact one another.

Your risk of bruxism can increase due to poor sleep since it can cause more anxiety and stress. I

n the meantime, bruxism can also lead to other health problems like headaches, which can interfere with sleep.

On the other hand, bruxism, or teeth grinding, has also been linked to restless nights.

The majority of people with bruxism also struggle with sleep issues. Patients with OSA have a higher chance of grinding their teeth.

Since bruxism can result in tooth fractures and gum inflammation, treating it is crucial for keeping your smile healthy.

Your Albury dentist can give you an occlusal splint to reduce these symptoms.

Dental Care in Albury

Your oral health can suffer from inadequate or insufficient sleep. Your body and dental health both benefit from rest.

If there are signs that you might not sleep as well as you could, your Albury dentist can help you obtain the treatment you need.

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