Top 3 Dental Present for Mom from Kreativ Dental Albury

by | May 1, 2022 | Mother's Day

Nothing brightens up a room like Mom’s smile. That’s why it can be challenging to choose the right Mother’s Day present for Mum.

You’ve handcrafted her hundreds of cards, treated her to a spa day, and bought enough jewellery, candles, and books to last a lifetime.

So, what is the other option?

Our team at Kreativ Dental Albury has a fresh and one-of-a-kind idea for you.

Give Mum the gift of dental hygiene this Mother’s Day.

Mom has prioritised your dental health throughout your life, scheduling dentist appointments and urging you to brush and floss before bed.

However, focusing on your dental health meant that your mother’s dental health was occasionally put on the back burner.

Focusing on your mother’s smile is a terrific way to show her that you care.

The Gift of a Healthy Mouth is one of the best Mother’s Day gifts!

3 Mother’s Day Dental Hygiene Gift for Mom

Surprise your mother with a dentistry-themed gift on Mother’s Day now that she knows how important oral hygiene is.

1. Get Mum a Treatment!

Your Mum’s dental needs and desires are as diverse as her choices.

Start with a dental check-up and cleaning, or set up teeth whitening if she thinks her smile has been tarnished with time. Think again if you believe gift wrapping a dental check-up and cleaning is too difficult.

Busy moms may desire a whiter, brighter smile, but fitting self-care into an already-crammed schedule can seem impossible.

A few pre-arranged tooth whitening sessions will make your Mom feel pampered, and this is the kind of gift she wouldn’t buy for herself.

The most immediate and consistent effects are obtained through whitening sessions in a dentist’s office.

At-home whitening kits can be successful, but there are hazards such as gum irritation and uneven whitening, and they can take significantly longer to show results.

A dentist’s clinic uses whitening technology that is safe, comfortable, and effective.

Only dentists have access to professional-grade whitening solutions that can remove even the most tenacious stains that over-the-counter whitening kits can’t get rid of.

2. Electric Toothbrush

Let’s face it; Mom rarely gets the most luxurious or decadent options. She might be the family member who is most likely to use a cheaper toothbrush.

However, dental health is critical to general health. It is vital to use the right toothbrush. While more costly toothbrushes aren’t always superior, switching to an electric toothbrush is always smart.

Electric toothbrushes are better at removing dental plaque than traditional toothbrushes and are often easier to use.

This is especially important if your mother has arthritis or other forms of inflexibility.

Dentists recommend brushing for two minutes, although most people only brush for 45 seconds.

Most electric toothbrushes include embedded timers that can keep your mother aware of her brushing time and even remind her to shift to a different quadrant of her teeth every 30 seconds!

3. Water Flosser

A water flosser removes bacteria, food, and other detritus from the mouth by squeezing small jets of pressurised water.

A water flosser can assist in massaging the gums while also removing dirt and bacteria that a toothbrush may miss.

This can aid in the circulation of blood and the health of your gums! Water flossers are particularly beneficial for those with difficulty with the fine coordination required for flossing.

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Instead of a spa day, give your mother dental care and let her benefit from a healthy and attractive smile.

We at Kreativ Dental Albury wish you a Happy Mother’s Day.

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