Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Use Custom Mouthguards While Playing Sports

by | Mar 27, 2023 | Mouthguards

Athletes who participate in high-impact sports should wear mouthguards. A mouthguard can prevent the majority of sports-related injuries.

Here are the reasons Albury dentists advise using mouthguards when participating in sports and other activities that could result in severe injury or impact.

#1. Prevent concussions

Concussion risk can be decreased with custom mouthguards. Use a mouthguard to shield your mouth and head against concussions if you participate in sports that put you at risk for head injuries.

#2. Protect against tooth fractures

One of the most important advantages of wearing a dental mouthguard is preventing damaged teeth because repairing a fractured tooth is not always possible.

#3. Protects against soft tissue injuries

A hit to the mouth can harm the lips, cheeks, and tongue because of the contact of hard teeth with delicate tissue. Investing money in a custom mouthguard for protection while playing high-contact sports makes sense because the chance of these injuries increases.

#4. Protect against tooth displacement

There is always a chance of becoming wounded while participating in sports; some competitions present a greater risk of mouth damage than others.

If you receive a hit to the face, your teeth will be protected by a custom mouthguard. As a result, your teeth are less likely to crack or chip.

Moreover, they are less prone to be knocked out or pushed into the jawbone.

#5. Help prevent neck and jaw injuries

Mouthguards shield against probable jaw fractures, tooth damage, and tissue trauma.

Your teeth may break or fracture if you receive a direct blow to the head that puts too much strain on your jawbones and forces your teeth to crash into one another.

Your jaw can no longer handle the tension without mouthguards to redistribute it. The cushioning effect of the mouthguard guards your jaw against fractures that require surgery.

Protect your smile against serious injury this footy season by wearing custom mouthguards!

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